Hello everyone!

  Greetings fellow graphics enthusiasts!

 Thank you for visiting UCF's very own Siggraph chapter! We, your humble officers, are currently working on creating meaningful and memorable programs for you this year! We will be updating this website over the next few months with news of meetings, programs, social events, speakers, contests and more! You can also follow us on Facebook as a fan or as part of our group!



The first meeting this semester is on Feb 7th.


Meetings will take place on the first Monday of every month and Events will happen on the third week of every month. There will be smaller events, lectures and workshops held in between. 


Hope to see you there!! 


Don't forget to sign up as a member through the website! It is easy and free! Just join in the upper right hand portion of the website. Also, please remember to check the news and the calendar periodically for updates on announcements, meetings, and events.


Below are the files of the logo for the T-shirt contest.